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Malouf Travel Pillow ZZTRHPGL

MaloufSKU: Gel Dough® + Z™ Gel (Travel)
The compressible design allows for convenient travel or use as a neck roll pillow, ideal for flights, cars, or buses.... The compressible design allows for convenient travel or use as a neck roll pillow, ideal for flights, cars, or buses. The convenient size allows for easy transportation but can still be used as a traditional sleeping pillow, perfect for hotels or when staying as a guest. The liquid Z™ Gel lies on top of the pillow for a cool sleeping surface that will capture and dissipate your body heat, creating a cooler night's sleep. The memory foam is also infused with Z™ Gel for a combination that offers an optimal thermal experience. The unique Gel Dough® memory formula creates a softer, cooler, doughier memory foam. The extremely breathable bamboo velour cover enhances the cooling effect, and is removable for easy laundering. View more

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Cooling Gel
Our cooling gel formula is implemented in two ways; by infusing it into our Dough™ memory foam and in a liquid gel layer attached on top of a pillow. Some of our pillows offer both options for a powerful combination. Called Z™ Gel, our liquid gel layer captures and dissipates body heat for a cool sleep experience. The Z™ Gel layer extends across a wide surface area reaching to the edge of the pillow for more cooling on the head and neck. Our gel infused memory foam, called Gel Dough®, is ideal for relief from pressure and heat to ensure a comfortable night’s rest. It also provides greater support than traditional memory foam. As the memory foam cell structures collapse from body heat, the gel beads disperse that heat and simultaneously provide the support lacking from the collapsed cells.
Cooling Gel
Dough® Memory Foam
Our exclusive Dough® memory foam formula is more responsive, supportive, and has a slower recovery time than typical memory foams. Each Dough® pillow is individually molded as opposed to cut, allowing it to more effectively conform to your weight and pressure. The inherent nature of our Dough® memory foam allows for individualized comfort as it forms to your natural shape, giving support where you need it most. Memory foam's ability to reduce pressure points and eliminate sleeping pains are the primary reasons for its widespread popularity. Our Dough® memory foam is created through an open-cell structure that responds to body heat. This structure collapses when it is warmed to your body temperature, curving to your pressure and unique shape. This is how memory foam is able to perfectly support sensitive body joints.
Dough® Memory Foam
Malouf Foundation
Every purchase of a Malouf product helps fight child sexual exploitation.
Malouf Foundation
Series Name
Gel Dough® + Z? Gel
Pillow Type
Travel Pillows
Memory Foam
Machine Washable
Cover: Machine wash cold or warm water on a gentle washing cycle with mild detergent. Do NOT use any bleach, bleach alternatives, or fabric softener. Dry on low heat; Pillow: Spot clean with mild detergent. Allow to fully air dry before cover is replaced.
Additional Information
Unique combination for maximum cooling; Z™ Gel captures and distributes heat; Gel Dough® formula creates a cooler, softer memory foam; Compressible design allows for convenient travel or use as a neck roll pillow; Convenient size can be used as a traditional sleeping pillow.
5 years

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